Thursday, June 23, 2011

Witness Denies Finding Drugs With Hotel Manager But…”

Njaga O Jatta, Anti-Narcotic agent on Friday said he did not find drugs (cannabis) with the Ocean Bay general manager at the time of his arrest in April 23, 2011.
The general manager of 5 star Ocean Bay Hotel Mr Juergen Odenwald and Resort is standing trial on a drug charge.
Juergen is alleged to have been found in possession of two parcels of cannabis sativa in his vehicle on April 23, 2011.
 He pleaded not guilty.
In response to a question posed to him by accused person’s counsel, Kebba Sanyang if he found drugs with the accused, the witness said: “I did not find any drugs with accused but it was found in vehicle station at the entrance of the hotel,” he said.
He explained: “The accused is not the only user of the vehicle, the drivers do use it too, when they are given assignments but they are ‘clear’ according to my investigation.”
Jatta who led the investigation teams told the court that some of the drivers were granted bail at Bundung NDEA.
However, he could not remember how many drivers were arrested, their names and as well as the bond.
 “But none of the drivers have a connection to drugs,” he said, when counsel quizzed how come they are not charged and brought to court just like the accused since they are all users of the vehicle.
When asked why he concluded that those drivers are innocent even though they are all user of the vehicle, Jatta said: “I am the one who cleared them. The accused used the vehicle to peddle drugs.”
Barrister Kebba Sanyang however, put it to the witness that he cleared them because his mind has already focused on the accused to trouble him. But he denied

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