Tuesday, June 14, 2011

‘Justice Minister Knows I Have No Power to Evict’

Lawyer Mboge
Lamin K Mboge, a private legal counsel has denied his clients Saikou Barrow and father, Alagie Momodou Barrow’s statement that Justice Minister Edward Gomez asked him to write an eviction letter and to take the police to evict the people occupying their property.
“Justice Minister knows that I cannot evict anyone by writing an eviction letter and that I have no power to take the police to evict the occupants from that property,” Mboge said.
He explained that he was invited by the Justice Minister, who asked him to offer legal advice to the two to regain their property as they are poor and do not have money.
 A former magistrate, lawyer Mboge is standing trial at the magistrates’ court in Banjul for allegedly making and uttering false document for his clients, but he pleaded not guilty.
“I did not forge any document, I did not utter any false document and I did not make any document without authority,” he said, as he put up his defence.
The trial resumes today.

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