Friday, June 10, 2011

Lawyer Mboge Withdraws Representation for ex IGP Ensa Badjie

Lawyer Mboge
“With a deep sense of regret and remorse, I
withdraw my representative for Ensa Badjie, the
ex Inspector General of Police (IGP),” lawyer
Lamin K Mboge announced in court Wednesday
without advancing any reason.
Ex police chief and Tijan Badjie, an ex-
prosecutor are standing trail on four counts
charges, including interfering with witnesses,
defeating justice, destroying evidence and abuse
of office. Both pleaded not guilty.
Meanwhile, the ex National Assembly Member for
Kombo North who is appearing as state witness
no.3 in the trial was cross-examined by the
second accused person, Tijan Badjie.
Musa Susso maintained that former police chief,
Ensa Badjie asked him to tell lies against
Benedict Jammeh, a former police chief now head
of national drug agency and Burama Dibba, former
Crime Management Coordinator of Gambia Police
However, he noted that all the allegations he
made against David Colley, director of prisons
are founded. 
Mr Susso denied having a score to settle with
either of the accused persons, even though Tijan
Badjie was the prosecutor in the criminal trial
he was involved.
 “I’m putting it to you that all what you said
in this court other than your name and address
is all false,” Tijan advanced, but Muso insisted
that he narrated the truth.

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