Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wowo Was Never Appointed as ActingChief Justice’

Ex-CJ Wowo

John Belford, the Judiciary Secretary has said Wowo was never appointed at acting chief justice because he did not receive any letter to that effect.

“I have never complain to any authority about Wowo acting as Chief Justice, because I was looking to receive executive orders confirming the acting appoint,” he testifies.

Minutes of an emergency meeting which was given to him to read by the defense lawyer shows that former CJ, Agim told judicial commission that he was handing over to Wowo.

“Agim told the meeting that he was resigning as the CJ and handing it over to justice Wowo.” Belford read from the minutes of the meeting as order by the defense lawyer for 1st accused (Wowo). “He said he (Agim) informed the government that he has picked up another appointment in Nigeria.”

According to Belford, he was not present at the meeting and wouldn’t know whether any judge was absent or not.  “But I did circulate the minutes of the meeting to the judicial commission members” he said.

He said he did not received any letter from the AG chambers protesting the activities that took place at the meeting

Wowo Was a Personal Friend-Pa Harry Jammeh

Pa Harry Jammeh

Pa Harry Jammeh has refuted allegations that he conspired with Ex- justice minister and Njogu Bah against ex-chief justice, Joseph Wowo who is currently standing trial in a different matter at the High Court in Banjul.

“I did not conspire with anybody and I was not aware of any conspiracy” says ex-Solicitor General and Legal Secretary.

Jammeh made this refutation as he enters his defense in the criminal trial also involving Dr Njogu Bah, former Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service and also minister of Presidential affairs Bah, and Lamin Jobarteh minister for justice, on allegations of giving false information to a public servant, abuse of office and conspiracy to carry out a lawful purpose by unlawful means.

He said he did not conspire to remove justice Wowo by an unlawful means. “Wowo was a personal friend, I have nothing against him and still do not have,” Jammeh said.

According to him, it’s his friendship with him that why he did not say anything when he was summon by then justice minister (1st accused) to attend a meeting Wowo was part of.

UDP’s Treasurer, Others Appear at High Court

Amadou Sanneh (ThePoint)

The Special Criminal Division was packed with family members, love ones and well as well wishers as the National Treasurer of the opposition United Democratic Party, was being escorted to the courtroom by plain cloth officers.
After one week in the hands of the National Intelligent Agency, Amadou Sanneh, Sambou Fatty and Malang Fatty were arraigned before Justice Nkea at the High Court in Banjul.
Sanneh and two others were arrested and since then have been have been in custody at the headquarters of the National Intelligence Agency in Banjul over what the NIA described as a failed attempt to help a young man seek political asylum in Finland.
The state have brought charge(s) against all the accused but they could not take their plea. Sambou Fatty whose appearance prompts the judge to ask what was wrong with him is yet secure the services of a lawyer. The same thing goes to Malang Fatty.
Sambou couldn’t stand straight while on the dock, he was twisting throughout before the court order that he should be made to see a doctor at the Edward Francis Small Teaching hospital.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UDP’s Leader Interrogated at the NIA Headquarters

Mr Darboe from the NIA headquarters

Leader of United Democratic Party (UDP) this morning went home as free man after spending more than one hour at the NIA headquarters in Banjul.
 Lawyer Ousainou Darboe who told journalists on Tuesday that he has been called by the NIA for questioning have some of his supporters  outside the headquarter; while others were at a nearby restaurant to wait for the outcome
When he finally came out of the NIA building, some of his supporters rush to shake hands with him while others put your hands together to cheer him up.
However, a perturbing look could clearly be seen on his face as he tells his supporters to remain calm.

Darboe drove away without speaking to journalists who approach him to find out the outcome of the questioning.
On Tuesday, a press conference was held at Mr Darboe’s residence in pipeline regarding the government’s recent statement that they (UDP) are tarnishing the country’s image.
His respond came after his party was blame of dissolute activities by ‘casting a very bad and negative image of both the Government and noble people of The Gambia’ by the government.

‘‘These people and institutions specialize in lying and providing false attestations for would-be asylum seekers using the main opposition party (UDP) as a platform for such nefarious activities, thereby casting a very bad and negative image of both the Government and noble people of The Gambia,’’ the government said in statement according to local newspapers.
Author: Binta A Bah

Friday, October 4, 2013

Broadcast journalist held without charge in Gambia

Fatou Camara
Abuja, Nigeria, October 3, 2013--Gambian authorities should immediately release Fatou Camara, a journalist who has been held incommunicado since September 17, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. The government has not disclosed Camara's whereabouts or any charges against her, according to news reports.
Camara, a broadcast journalist and TV host of the popular "Fatou Show," a weekly current affairs show that airs on the state-owned Gambia Radio and Television Services, was arrested by agents from the National Intelligence Agency on September 15 and released on September 17, according to news reports. She was re-arrested hours later in front of her children and has not been heard from since, local journalists told CPJ.
Camara's detention runs counter to the Gambian constitution, which allows only a detention period of 72 hours without charge.
"Fatou Camara's continued illegal detention without charge for over two weeks now violates the constitution President Yahya Jammeh swore to uphold," said Peter Nkanga, CPJ's West Africa consultant. "The authorities must explain why they are holding her, or she must be released immediately."