Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prosecution Unaware of Negotiations in NAPSA Case

sergeant Manga

Sergeant Manga representing the Inspector General of Police has told the Banjul Magistrates’ Court that he is not aware of any negotiation as claimed by the defense counsel Combeh Coker, regarding the trial of National Patriot Students, NAPSA before magistrate Ade Taiwo Alagbe.
“As far as the prosecution is concern, we are not aware of any negotiation,” the prosecution adduced, adding that even if the negotiation is going somewhere else he don’t think that should be a bar to the court to prevent the case from proceeding.
Manga was reacting to lawyer Badou Conteh’s application for adjournment. Conteh was holding brief and following the instructions of lawyer Coker that negotiation has been made and that a letter will be communicated to the police in due course.
Jarga E. Gaye, Abubacarr Jallow and Denis T. Gomez, all NAPSA Executive members are charged with three counts of criminal offenses of forgery, felony and uttering false documents.
They are accused of making false documents, defraud to make false document of Victoria Shop proforma invoices fully knowing it is false.
They denied the charges.
This is third time the case has been adjourned at the instance of the defense Manga further advanced which in his opinion is abnormal.
The magistrate also saw his dissatisfaction of the defense’s part in handling the case. “This is criminal case and is it high time to make known to the accused that it is criminal matter,” he said
He said negotiation in criminal matter should not be made out of the court and ordered the prosecution to proceed with the case.
Meanwhile, the calling of the 3rd witness has been postpone and Almamy Touray, a police officer was the newest witness to testified in the NAPSA trio case.
He told the court that he recognised accused persons because he was part of the panelist who investigated the matter.
He said he took the voluntary statements of the three accused persons including Fatou Yaffa, who earlier pleaded guilty when arraigned and was fined.
He added that accused persons accepted the criminal charged when read to them in the presence of an independent witness.
The voluntary statements were tendered and mark as evidence.
The case is expected to continue July 5, 2011 for cross-examination

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