Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Superintendent Ali Ceesay: I Did Not Threatens Soriba Condeh

Superintendent Ali Ceesay, sacked prison officer has told the Special Criminal Division that he has never threatened to lock Soriba Condeh PW1 for the rest of his life differently not to testify against former Police chief Ensa Badjie.
“I did not conspired to defeat justice or interfere with witnesses,” Ceesay maintained
 Ceesay made these revelations on Wednesday as he proved innocence of corruption and drug related allegation brought against him.
He alongside the ex-Inspector General of Police are facing 15 counts ranging from robbery, aiding prisoners, abuse of office, drug related charges, interfering with witnesses and  to defeat justice.
 They strongly denied the allegation. 
According to him the allegation made by pw1 that he detained him permanently to protect the 1st accused Ensa Badjie are unfounded claims because, he did not know Ensa Badjie by then.
But he said he addresses both of them (1st accused and pw1) after he was informed that the two were not in good terms in the Mile Two prisons.
 He added that some officers even declared to move pw1 to the main yard but he refused for some security reasons
“Because pw1 is serving life imprisonment and has records of escaping from custody,” he added.
He said during the address pw1 ‘aggressively’ told him to do whatever he wants. Ceesay quoted PW1 as saying “seal me.”
 However, he made known to the court that prisoners are to be punished if they misbehave according to the prisons rules.
 “But I did not order for his confinement as he claim in this court”
Ceesay also told the court that he has never escorted pw1 during his remand time because he (pw1) never has access to visitors as investigations were still on. And secondly he said: “I was moved to take in charge of the kitchen when he was convicted. Convicts are not entitle to be visited until 3 months elapse.”
He added: “Pw1 lied when he told the court that the 1st accused and I are related because I am a Wolof and he is a Jola”
He went further to tell the court that he is from the North Bank Region while the 1st accused is from Sibanor in the Fonis.
When asked about his mother’s name and tribe, Ceesay responded that his mother is called Soffie Touray and she is a Wollof.
Meanwhile, the voter’s card of the 2nd accused person’s mother was tendered and mark as evidence without any objection from the DPP. 

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