Monday, August 10, 2015

A woman's short ecstasy

Njola was a widow who lost her husband eight years ago. She lived in a dilapidated house with her children.
Njola as a woman and a mother had lived a joyous life with her husband before his untimely death. She later fell into the hands of his womaniser boss who was just interested in abusing her and left her to die a sympathetic death. Many a woman has died a similar death.

Njola's story
Njola has been a pride of her family when she got married to Sutuko, a construction consultant who worked with an engineering company, immediately after the completion of her senior secondary school.
Her husband's talent had saved the engineering company a fortune during his seven years of service. The young consultant enjoyed life with his wife. He always felt proud of her among her peers. He found Njola as a virgin when they got married. This earned Njola respect both in her family and that of sutuko.
No sooner was her husband elevated to the position of chief consultant than his services were terminated. Neighbours, relatives and friends attributed it to superstition.

Detained radio station manager charged with sedition, remanded

Mr Ceesay

Abdoulie Ceesay, Managing Director of Taranga FM, who has been in the custody of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) since July 17, was arraigned at a lower court in Banjul yesterday charged with a single count of “seditious intention.”
 Police prosecutors alleged that, on or about the July 16, Ceesay distributed pictures of the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to two persons, Zainab Koneh and Fatou A. Drammeh, using his Africell mobile SIM card. The said picture showed a gun pointing at President Jammeh.
 According to the prosecutors, by distributing the pictures, Ceesay had the intention to “raise discontent, hatred or disaffection among the inhabitants of The Gambia.”

Friday, August 7, 2015

Journalist detained for article on Ivorian president’s wealth

 Joseph Gnahoua Titi, managing editor of the Aujourd'hui newspaper, appeared before an examining magistrate in Cote d’Ivoire for “disseminating false information" and “libel against the head of state.”
 Before being arrested and detained at the Abidjan Remand Home and Prison on July 29, Titi was summoned together with his editor-in-chief, Séverine Blé, on July 28. The two were summoned to explain a publication in Aujourd'hui. Titi was questioned for nearly five hours.
 The said article, published on July 21 and titled "President Ouattara is extremely rich. His wealth is estimated at 17 billion US dollars,” allegedly “impugned the integrity” of Ivorian President Alassanne Ouattara.