Thursday, June 9, 2011

Judgment Awaits Some Liberian, Senegalese and Gambian Men on Illegal Entry

Two Liberians and their Gambian and Senegalese counterparts who helped them enter into The Gambia illegally are awaiting judgment after they after guilty.
James Woyen and Sampson Montgomery, all Liberian nationals have admitted canoeing their way into Gambia without a pass or permit on May 29, 2011.
Amat Njie, Malick Faye, Alieu Jallow, Abdullah Jallow, all Senegalese nationals and Modou Trawally, Wuyeh Njie, Ansumana Bojang, all Gambians have admitted receiving US$500 from a ship captain to smuggle the Liberian men into the country.
Police theory reveals that the two Liberians hid in a vessel without the captain’s knowledge and showed up when the ship departed.
The captain is said to have sympathised with men and promised to transport them to France, but later changed his mind and offered 500 dollars to Amat Njie, a boat captain and his crew to bring them into the Gambia.
The prosecution said they were arrested upon arrival at the Banjul terminal, but the two Liberians disputed some of the findings of the police.
James Woyen, who claims to be a college student, said they attended president Jammeh’s birthday party at the July 22 square.
Later that night, he said, one of the accused persons, Ansumana Bojang told them to go their own because they could not return them to Liberia.
He said, he went back with his brother, the second accused person to the terminal where they were arrested and escorted to Banjul police headquarters the following day.
Judgment will be delivered June 13. 

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