Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lawyer Mboge: My Cautionary Statement was altered

lawyer mboge

Lawyer Lamin Mboge on Monday accused the police of altering the cautionary statement he made at the police headquarters in Banjul last year regarding the fraud charges leveled against him by the state.
The senior lawyer made this accusation at the magistrate’s court in Banjul where he is putting up defence against allegations of making and uttering false documents to Ebrima Sambou, commissioner for oaths in the name of one Alagie Momodou Barrow.
“I wrote my own statement but the document was altered by insertion of name and signature of an independent witness who was never present,” Mboge said. “I was surprised to see the name and signature of an independent witness in court.”

On the saga, Mboge said, it started when Saikou Barrow, a son to Alagie Momodou Barrow lodged a complaint against him at the police headquarters that he forged documents.
“At the police station, I met Saikou Barrow and I was informed that I made a false affidavit and Mr Barrow wants me to withdraw the motion,” the ex -magistrate adduced.
But Mboge said he had already withdrawn the motion at the time and a copy signed by Justice Amadi was issued to the effect the following day.
“I refunded the money Mr Barrow paid to me as a legal consultation fee,” he explained.
He said, he was nonetheless summoned to the police headquarters a couple of days later when he was informed that the matter was to be prosecuted.
“Lawyer Sherriff Tambedou and lawyer Secka pleaded with Barrow to withdraw the complaint, but he refused,” Mboge said.
Mboge told the court that his father was able to convince Mr Barrow at the headquarters and agreement was made at Sherriff Tambedou’s office.
 “My father came home with a copy of the agreement but Barrow went back to the police the following day and withdrew the agreement. That’s how the case finally came to court.”

Trial continues.

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