Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Jammeh Orders Charges be Drop Against The Two Journalist

(Daily News) The Justice Minister of the Gambia, Lamin Jorbateh in a verbal statement after consultation with his Legal Secretary and Solicitor General Mr. Pa Harry Jammeh finally freed the two journalist on 23rd of October 2012 in Banjul. The two were told in the minister’s office by the minister that the President has called on the relevant authorities to immediately drop the charges leveled against the them.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gambia’s Supreme Court Upheld Ex-CDS Tamba & Co’s Death Sentence



The treason convicts condemned to death on Friday, 19 have their death sentence appeal rejected by the Supreme Court of the Gambia, the country’s highest court of law.

Former Army defense chief, Lang Tombong Tamba, ex-deputy defense chief Omar Bun Mbye, ex-intelligence chief Lamin BO Badjie, ex-deputy police chief Modou Gaye, ex-senior military officer Kawsu Camara alias Bombardier, ex-Gambian diplomat Gibril Ngorr Seck and a business tycoon Abdoulie Joof, alias Lie Joof were convicted and sentenced to death by Justice Amadi in June 2010 despite denying allegations of attempting to overthrow Gambian government in 2009.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'Every child has a right to live without exploitation'

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Exploitation can come in many ways but every child has the right to live their life free from exploitation from those who should protect them, says United Kingdom’s deputy High Commissioner to The Gambia.

George Sheriff said exploitations especially sexual exploitation happens in the families and communities in The Gambia, and that it is the responsibility of all to combat it. ”It is our responsibility to ensure that not only do we identify it, and report it, but to sensitive others to play a more proactive role in countering it,” he said.

TAKE ACTION: Drop Charges against two journalists, MFWA Demands

Journalist Ceesay and Saidykhan

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) is utterly dismayed at the sluggish attitude of the Gambian police service in handling the case of the two journalists who are facing criminal charges in Gambia.
The MFWA calls on all Gambians living in the Diaspora, individuals and all organisations to condemn the situation and call on the authorities to drop the charges immediately.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Supreme Court to issue verdict in Lt. Tamba and Co. Appeal

The Supreme Court of the Gambia will issue a verdict in the appeal of former Chief of Defense and six others next Friday.

 This announcement came after both the state and defense counsels adopted their briefs today before chief justice, Emmanuel A. Agim.

 They were convicted in 2010 after Prosecutors allege they attempted to overthrow Gambia government in 2009. Despite denying allegations 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Togo ALERT: Security forces manhandle journalist

Anani, a journalist of the Crocodile weekly was on October 5, 2012 physically assaulted by police officers while covering their (police) clamp down on demonstrators belonging to opposition and human rights groups in Lome, the capital.

The assault on the journalist left him unconscious following a knock he received from one of the police officers, and was rushed to a hospital where he was revived.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ECOWAS Court Partners UNDP to Host International Conference

The Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS in collaboration with UNDP West-

Central regional office in Dakar is organizing an international conference on the

theme Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance: Role of the

ECOWAS Court of Justice. The conference is scheduled to hold from the 15th to

19th October, 2012 in Accra, Ghana.

The theme for the conference is topical as it signifies the direction that ECOWAS

stakeholders should pursue and the role of ECOWAS Court of Justice in

promoting and ensuring human rights protection, democracy and good governance

in West Africa. The Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS was established as

the legal and judicial framework for the economic integration of the region.

According to the co-organisers of the international conference, the discussions

around the theme will bring to fore, insight and strategies relevant to the

realization of the set objectives.

Presentations will be made on two sub-themes. The first sub-theme is Community

Legislation on Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights. Papers to be

presented on this sub-theme include The Legal Instruments on Democracy, Good

Governance and Human Rights: Key Concepts and Shared Values; The

Constitutional Principles Common to ECOWAS States for Democratic

Governance; and Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights: an Overview

of the ECOWAS Sub-Region.

The second sub-theme is titled The Role of the ECOWAS Court of Justice in

the Consolidation of Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights. And

papers on it include - Contribution of the ECOWAS Court of Justice in

Strengthening Democracy and Human Rights Protection; Strengthening the Role

of the Court in the Promotion of Democracy and Good Governance: Challenges





TEL/FAX:234-9-5241595/ 5240780

Website: www.courtecowas.org







and Prospects; and Framework for Cooperation between the Community

(ECOWAS) Court of Justice and the national courts and external partners.

The UNDP regional office will also make a presentation on its policy of

promoting democracy and rule of law in West Africa and the expected role of the

legal and judicial institutions in the region.

The International conference is designed to be a gathering of legal and judicial

practitioners from ECOWAS institutions, national courts of member States, other

regional courts, external partners, bar associations, scholars, civil society groups

and other relevant stakeholders.

For further information, visit the Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS website

at www.courtecowas.org or contact the Information Officers using the contact

details below:


Felicien Hounkanrin (Information Officer)

Cell Phone: 0803-786-3972

Email: fhounkarin@courtecowas.org

Elohor Ovadje (Information Officer)

Cell Phone: 0803-335-4281, 0818-448-2456

Email: elovadje@gmail.com, eovadje@courtecowas.org