Monday, June 27, 2011

Anti Drug Agent Accused of Planting Drugs in Hotel Manager's Vehicle


Ocean Bay Manager

The defense counsel representing Ocean Bay manager has accused Njaga O. Jatta of National Drug Enforcement Agency of putting drugs inside the vehicle of the accused person.
“All the drug allegation is a set up that you have machinated,” lawyer Kebba Sanyang challenged the anti drug agent. “You put the drugs inside the accused person’s vehicle.”
Mr. Jatta however denied allegation.
 Mr Juergen Odenwald, general manager of 5 star Ocean Bay Hotel and Resort is standing trial on a drug charge.
Juergen is alleged to have been found in possession of two parcels of cannabis sativa in his vehicle on April 23, 2011.
Barrister Sanyang further accused the witness of lying to the court by using the bible to swear in Christian while he is a Muslim.
“You just come to court lie that’s why you used the bible while swearing whereas you are Muslim” Sanyang added.
“It is not true,” the witness protested, “I am a Christian”
“Then which church do you attend and what is the name of the pastor at the churches you attend,” Sanyang quizzed further.
Agent Jatta said, he attends many churches, but did not know the names of any of the pastors.
Jatta denied the counsel’s report that the accused person and the drivers were sent to NDEA for weightment after they were released on bail.
“That is not correct because they were all taken while they were in custody” he added
The witness however did not tell the court the names of drivers and the officers he went with to arrest the accused person, though he recalls the deputy to the accused person, Alfusainey S.K Camara.
“So you have not forgotten the name of Camara while you forget those you went with to arrest the accused,” counsel further advanced.
When asked if he had telephone conversation with Camara, the witness said he did but only after the arrest of the accused.

The case will resume on July, 1 2011.

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