Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lawyer Mboge to Defend Innocence


Barrister Mboge

Lawyer Lamin K. Mboge, a private legal practitioner is expected to defend innocence on allegations of making and uttering false documents with intent to deceive a Commissioner for oaths.
The director of Public Prosecution, Abdullah Mikilive yesterday informed the court he is satisfied with evidences made against the accused person after the testimony of the fifth witness, who denied that Mboge is his lawyer.
“Then why did you pay me,” Mboge asked the witness, Barrow, 70s. “Because I wanted to get my land back,” he replied.
Mr Barrow said the Minister of Justice told him that he is going get him a lawyer but did not tell him what the lawyer was going to do.
“I am putting it to you that the Minister never told me to take the police to evacuate the people from their houses as you claimed,” Mboge advanced.
Barrow insisted that that Mboge was ordered to do so by the justice minister. “You are lying in court,” Mboge told the old man who rose from his chair to challenge the accused person’s statement

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