Sunday, July 1, 2012

VC Kah’s Professorship Disputed

Prof. Kah

The defense counsel for Gumbo Touray, former director international affairs, University of The Gambia, has challenged the professorship of the first Gambian-born vice chancellor of UTG, Professor Mohammadou M. O Kah..
Badou S Conteh has described Kah’s professorship as false because, he claimed, the university that conferred him, was not recognised by the Nigerian government.
“Your certificate of professorship is not from a university, but from an individual,”Conteh said. Prof Kah however told the court that the counsel’s statement was just an opinion.

“The university is a private university managed by Americans in Washington DC and is accredited by the Nigerian government,” VC Kah said.
Lawyer Conteh was cross examining Prof Kah, who was testifying against his former employee, Gumbo Touray, who stands accused on a count of giving false to President’s Office that Prof. Kah was bent on appointing and promoting his relatives and friends at the said university.
Touray however denied the allegation. He could spend six months in jail if found guilty.
Meanwhile, continuing his testimony, Kah denied being a friend to MrKojo, director of finance at UTG - the second most paid in the University. He also denied attending the same university with the Ghanaian-born.
“Would you be surprised to know that MrKojo was only interviewed through a telephone by a member of governing council which is wrong,” Lawyer Conteh advanced.“I’m not surprised,” Kah said, “he met all the criteria and was interviewed by multiple members of the council.”
Meanwhile, Kah has ended his testimony and the prosecution is expected to call another witness when the case resumes July 5.
Author: Binta A Bah

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  1. Very interesting indeed. We are picking all the pieces of both sides of the debate. But our attention now seem to be pointed at the very university which conferred professor Kah his professorship. Which of the Nigerians Universities is it? Credible or not credible...may be it is infact not the right time to talk on this issue... but surely then after the judgement day of this false information case.