Sunday, July 1, 2012

Editor Adiamoh Complains Ear Infection After One Week at Mile 2


If the testimony of AbdoulhamidAdiamoh is anything to go by, his one-week detention at Mile 2, has left him hearing-impaired, perhaps temporally.
“I can’t hear properly, I have infection on my ear,” the Nigerian-born proprietor and editor of TODAY, a privately-owned newspaper in The Gambia, informed the magistrates’ court in Banjul on Thursday June 28.
This was before he was declared guilty of contempt, for‘attacking’ a defense counsel and ‘analysing’ the facts of an ongoing false information trial against Gumbo Touray, a former top Gambia University official.

Editor Adiamoh was arraigned yesterday after one week in remand at the country’s maximum jail, whose conditions were recently described as degrading and inhumane.
He was detained on the orders of Magistrate Alagbe who demanded that the editor show cause why he should not committed to prison for contempt of court.
“I absolutely have no intention to undermine the integrity of the court in its proceeding,” Adiamoh said. “I was only trying to do my job as a journalist.
“I understand that the article pulled out certain embarrassment to certain people, but I have certain confidence in the independence and impartiality of court and its officials.”
The magistrate however held that the news story in question published on TODAY titled: “Counsel sidesteps issues in cross examination of UTG V.C. Professor Kah,” was intended to ridicule and lower the integrity of the court.
“I hold it a fact that the convict calculated to weaken the independence of the judiciary by going ahead to analyse and evaluate the facts and evidence adduced in court…” he said.
Alagbe 0then convicted Editor Adiamoh to a fine of D100, 000 in default to spend six months in jail.
This sentence was made even though Lawyer Ozoma, who represented the journalist, in his plea of mitigation, informed the court that Adiamoh is a husband and father of two, and whose services were still needed in the society.
Meanwhile, at press time yesterday night, Lawyer Ozoma, said he could not confirm whether Adiamoh have paid the fine.
“I left him at the magistrates’ court where he was making arrangements to go to high court and pay,” he told this paper.
Author: Binta A Bah

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