Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Military Capt. Denies Harassing Female Soldier

Captain Ebrima Ngum dismissed as false allegation that he sexually harassed a fired junior female officer, Yama Mendy, who stands accused of false information at the magistrates’ court in Banjul.
Capt. Ngum, officer in command of supplies and transportation at Yundum barracks, was testifying as prime state witness against Yama Mendy.
Soldier Yama Mendy was put on trial when she addressed a petition to the President’s Office, accusing that Capt Ebrima Ngum was responsible for her dismissal from the army for turning down his sexual advances.
The female soldier however denied any wrongdoing.

CaptNgum said nothing had transpired between the two of them and he never harassed her because “we used to communicate only in morning while on parade.”
“Did you ever asked her to spend the night with you or did you ever asked her to follow you in the garden,” the prosecutor asked. “No,” he officer replied, “we don’t have a garden at the [Yundum] barracks.’
Capt. Ngum further told the court that the accused was dismissed because she was pregnant without having two years in the army.
“A woman should be single before she is enlisted in the army and can only get married after two years,” Ngum testified.
He added that the accused pleaded guilty when she was charge in the barrack. However, the accused said she never plead guilty when the prosecutor ought to tendered it as evidence. It was admitted by the presiding magistrate, Taiwo Ade Alagbe. The petition letter was also admitted as evidence.
During direct examination by the accused, Capt. Ngum told the court that he took the phone number of the accused on their first training at the barracks because they wanted to get the numbers of all the trainees.
‘I’m putting it to you that it is the responsiblity of the clerk and not you” Yama Mendy advanced but the Capt. said that was not true.
“Did you not ask me to spend a night with you when you were on duty one night? Yama Mendy further pressed but the capt denied it.
“Didn’t you also tell me to tell you any problem I have,” she further asked. “that is not true’ Capt. Ngum responded.
“I am putting it to you that if the charge sheet was not from you, it will be read to many women in barracks and not I alone”
“I have no hand in your dismissal” he said.
The case will resume 19, July, 2012 for continuation of hearing
Author: Binta A Bah

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