Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Treason Trial Against Nget and Lowe at Crossroads

accused persons in the court gallery

The Banjul-based Special Criminal Court, come July 24, would make a ruling on the treason suspect, Alieu Lowe’s claim, that state investigators forced him to make the statement that the prosecutors wanted to tender against him in court.
Justice Emmanuel Nkea’s ruling is expected to bring an end to the mini-trial (voire dire), which was launched to establish the veracity of Mr Lowe’s claims that his statement, whose content was not disclosed, was obtained under duress.
On Thursday July 10, defense lawyer, Borry S. Touray, summed up his argument in the voire dire, which heard at least three witnesses.

It is about six years now since the 2006 alleged coup, led by former exiled defence chief, Ndure Cham. Scores of top army officers indicted have since been sentenced to life imprisonment by a court martial.
Abdoulie Nget and Alieu Lowe, who were civilian employees of The Gambia Armed Forces, were arraigned last year at the Special Criminal Court, after being in detention since 2006.
The two are alleged to have concealed information in March 2006, knowing that Ndure Cham, and others intended to stage a coup.
The indictment further alleged that Abdoulie Nget and Alieu Lowe failed to give information to a cabinet minister, a magistrate, and a police officer, and did not take the reasonable steps to prevent the coup.
Both denied the charges.
Mr Lowe is also charged with perjury when he allegedly had given a false testimony in a criminal case in November 2006, but he denied that too.
Author: Binta A Bah

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