Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Police Officer Accuses Former Minister of Instigating Uprising in Gambia

Dr. Scattered Janneh
A police Inspector attached to Tallinding police station yesterday told the High Court in Banjul that Dr Scattered Amadou Janneh printed and distributed T-shirts to instigate an uprising against the Gambia government.
Police officer Sulayman Gaye made these allegations while testifying as state witness no.2 yesterday when hearings in the treason trial involving the former Information minister and three others resumed.
Dr Janneh is charged with treason, conspiracy and sedition alongside Michel C. Ucheh Thomas, Modou Keita and Ebrima Jallow for allegedly printing and distributing T-Shirts bearing the inscription: ‘Coalition for Change The Gambia, End to Dictatorship Now.’ They pleaded not guilty.
Gaye, who claims to be a member of the team that probed into the saga alleged further that Dr Janneh has given 8, 000 dalasi to the 2nd and 3rd accused persons to print the T. Shirts.
He added that a sealed plastic bag was thrown on him while he was walking along Kairaba Avenue from a vehicle belonging to Dr Janneh. He said, when he opened it he found T shirts with the inscriptions.
He added that one Yahya Jallow was identified to lead them to the Sirtex company manager at the ferry terminal.
According to police officer Gaye, the manager of company, Muhammed Edris, helped them in their investigation to arrest the 4th, 2nd and 3rd accused person who revealed that they were assigned by Dr. Janneh.
“When Dr, Janneh was invited to the panel, he confessed that he gave the contract to 2nd and 3rd accused person.
“He [Janneh] was escorted to his COMMIT office where one T. shirt, a flash drive and a hard drive were recovered.
“He was also escorted to his residence at Paradise Estate where one T shirt was also found. Five T. shirts, the flash drive and hard drive were tendered as exhibits.
Meanwhile, the prime witness Jarra Joof, an employee of Dr Janneh’s wife said, his employer’s husband gave him and other employers at Classic Lady a T Shirt each.
Joof added that they were all arrested by PIU security officers and T shirts were seized from them.
The case resumes today for cross-examination of Sulayman Gaye.

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