Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ocean Bay Hotel Boss Freed on Drugs

Mr Juergen Odenwald
The magistrates’ court in Banjul yesterday dropped the drug charges against Mr Juergen Odenwald, general manager of Ocean Bay hotel in Bakau Cape Point.
The five star hotel boss was put under trial when bundles of cannabis were discovered in a hotel vehicle allocated to him in April this year by anti-narcotics agents.
Mr Odenwald was detained for two days before he was granted bail. He appeared at court on April 26 and charged with possession of illicit drugs, but he pleaded not guilty.
The hotel manager’s trial however suffered a number of setbacks in recent times following the alleged arrest of the anti-narcotics agent that led his arrest and scores of Ocean Bay staff. Word has been that they framed up the hotel manager in the saga, but this has not been officially confirmed.
When Mr Juergen’s case resumed yesterday, his lawyer, Kebba Sanyang, who rung the alarm bell in the court over the suspected frame-up, has asked the court the drop the case.
He reasoned that the state has failed to establish any evidence to link his client to the said allegation, describing the four state witnesses as fabricators.
The chief of public prosecution did not object the defense counsel’s request for the withdrawal of the charges.

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