Saturday, October 29, 2011

‘Ex-Deputy Anti Drug Chief Gave-out Cocaine for Sale’

Ex-Anti Drug Chief
Mr Karamo Bojang, ex-deputy director general of National Drug Enforcement Agency has connived with his boss, Ebrima Bun Sanneh and gave over 500 grams of cocaine to one Manjang Janko to market for them, the court heard on Thursday.See.p.3
State prosecutor Ebrima Jaiteh revealed further that Manjang Janko sold the said drugs for 9, 000 US dollars and shared the proceeds with the fired top anti-narcotics agents.
But when he confronted Mr Ousman Sanneh, former operations commander of NDEA, the embattled anti drug agent denied the allegations.
Sacked in 2010, the five former top anti-narcotic officials: Ebrima Bun Sanneh, executive director, Karamo Bojang, his deputy, Ousman Sanneh, operations commander, Seedy  Bojang and Mary Sanneh the only female are facing 30 counts of corruption and drug related charges at high court in Banjul. They all pleaded not guilty.
“It is correct that the second accused person gave you some money from the $9, 000” the prosecution asked but the accused person said, it is not correct.
He added: “I don’t know if Manjang Janko acquainted himself with the 1st and 2nd accused persons. And I don’t know if they had any business transaction.”
Prosecutor Jaiteh quizzed further: “Were you aware that Musa Jambang, Manjang Janko’s brother, now deceased was caught with 6 raps of cannabis sativa?”
“I don’t know Musa Jambang” Mr Sanneh replied.
Mr Sanneh however accepted holding a meeting at the office of Bun Sanneh when they received fake drugs from the narcotic court but denied the accusation that he buried the matter.
Sanneh also denied sneaking into his office on March 28, 2008 after working hours when the prosecution alleged of going upstairs without the notice of security to steal drugs.”
“That is not correct because some security officers stole the drugs through the window of the exhibit store,” he added.
“But you were found with a black nylon bag containing cannabis sativa and hard drugs” the prosecution further pressed. But the accused person said, those were the drugs he found on the floor and decided to put them in the nylon bag.
Sanneh also denied receiving D25, 000 from one Kalifa Badjie for plea barging adding that Badjie was unable to pay the said amount. He asserted that Kalifa told him that he has a piece of land, but what the buyer offered was too small.
However, Sanneh said he never requested the piece of land from Kalifa Badjie in respect of the case.
Trial continues.

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