Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The role of women in the 2011 Presidential election

Hamat Bah, Ousainou Darboe and Yayha Jammeh
To vote is a fundamental civic duty of every Gambian woman who has voters’ cards.  No woman should not undermine the importance of her single vote, it might be the last say needed to make a difference Musoolula Bantabaa writes.

The role of Gambian women in the 24 November, 2011 presidential election is synonym to the need for them to take charge of their destiny. As Gambians prepared to go to polls tomorrow Musoolula Bantabaa sheds light on how women can break the chain of male dominance in participating in the administrative life of their country and reducing to mere political propaganda tools.
Gambians will tomorrow, Thursday 24 November assert their voice by casting their votes for a presidential candidate of their choice who would steer the wheel of the nation on their behalf for another five-year term.
Whoever become president among the three contesting candidates shall utilise the power derived from the authority of the people in their name and for their welfare.
Women who continue to play the triple role of producers, maintainers and reproducers have remarkable sets of roles when they judiciously participate in this year’s election, exercising their constitutional rights and duties.

 They should never be baffled that their current decision spills over to the next generation as well. Hence, the proper decision of women in this presidential election benefits women themselves, their next generation and the country as whole. A special attention should be given to the voice of women in the 2011 presidential election.
Women as being mothers, wives, sisters and offspring of the society, should play the following two critical roles in the remaining periods of the 2011 presidential Election. The most important role of every woman in the election process is to sensibly give her voice to the political body or individual candidate. In this stage, every woman should stop and critically analyse why she needs to give her voice to that political body.
Moreover, she should be very vigilant that a single negligence in this critical decision could lead to dire political, economic and social consequences in the country. Hence, she should properly use her wisdom to accurately judge the would-be domino effect of her decisions. And she should look forward deep in to the future. Every step of her verdict should contribute to or should never hamper the realization of the Gambian revival, the struggle to ensure the equality and equal opportunity of women.
Before giving her voice, every woman should carefully evaluate and analyse the available programs and policy options of every political body, be it a party or an individual candidate in relation to the special needs and opportunities of women.
Moreover, she should never evaluate the available programs and policy options of the political parties from a single perspective. She should rather investigate it from all the possible angles, i.e. from its holistic nature. Otherwise, her decision might probably be incomplete and incomprehensive which in turn could lead to unintended consequences.
And it should be clear that it is her decision that causes calamity or leads the nation to prosperity and incredible development. Hence, this stage demands special rational thinking and moderate analysis of each woman either she has to choose peace and order, stability, development, good governance and  democracy  she should realise that her  children, husband, brothers and relatives could not carry out their day-to-day activities peacefully. This in turn would definitely harm the entire well being of The Gambia today and its vision as well.
She should never be deceived by the golden misleading notion of certain political bodies that do not practically have any realistic program or policy option. History uncovers the nature of some political entities which apparently seem advocate of change at the time of political rally and become extreme devil at the end of the day.
Every Gambian woman should struggle to safeguard the constitution and constitutionally established organs of the state. This is extremely important role of each Gambian woman to maintain the integrity of the nation.
  In a democratic system of government, the decisive and sovereign political power resides in the hands of the peoples.
Every Gambian woman, without any discrimination based on race, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion or other status, on the attainment of 18 years should cast their votes tomorrow as she has the right to take part in the conduct of public affairs.
Every Gambian woman should never undermine this right unless and otherwise he/she decides to be ruled or governed by any political body no matter what a policy or strategy options that political entity might have.
Therefore, to vote is a very crux political duty of every woman.  It is the supreme conclusion of all decisions in the political stadium. And no one should undermine the importance of a single vote for it might be the last say needed to make a difference.
Women should struggle against any form or content of violence in relation to the presidential election in order to promote and strengthen the democratic process of The Gambia.
Every woman needs to promote the democratic endeavors of the election by ensuring citizens’ equal access and opportunity to vote in a secured and peaceful political environment.
As we (Gambian women) cast our votes tomorrow lets us not involved in any illegal practices throughout the entire election process.
Let us also struggle against those cliques who sow bitter seeds of intolerance, chaos and public unrest pre, during and post election periods.
If every Gambian woman properly plays these roles, the would-be calamities of the election would be significantly alleviated.

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