Saturday, November 5, 2011

‘NIA Officers Tortured My Men’

fired NDEA Chief Bun Sanneh
Ebrima Bun Sanneh, former executive director of National Drug Enforcement Agency has told the Special Criminal Division of the High Court in Banjul that National Intelligence officers have tortured his men, anti drug officers for obstructing what was infact in their domain (drug).
“Lamin Kabou, who managed to escape was screaming when he rushed into my office naked, blood all over his body with wounds,” Bun Sanneh told the court yesterday as he defends against multiple charges levied against him.
He is standing trial alongside four former top anti-narcotic officials, Karamo Bojang, his deputy, Ousman Sanneh, operations commander, Seedy  Bojang and Marie Sanneh the only female are facing 30 counts of corruption and drug related charges at high court in Banjul. They all pleaded not guilty.
“They (NIA) were about to kill me” Bun heard Lamin said while on the floor..
He added: “I called Lamin Bo Badjie, then Director General of NIA and informed him, but he hang up the phone.
“After some minutes, Alhajie Morr Jobe and Ebrima Drammeh, all intelligence officers forcefully entered my office. My commander wanted to arrest them, but I intervened.”
Bun further told the court that Alhaji Morr Jobe told him that he was after his prisoner, Lamin Kabou who was still lying on the floor.

He said Jobe further told him that he did not regret the act of ‘torture’ and will do anything to take along Lamin Kabou to the NIA headquarters.
At that juncture, he said the former Inspector General of Police, Ensa Badjie came to his office, and also promised to take the matter to the Interior minister.
“Badjie and I went together to the NIA but we found the DG had already left,” said Bun Sanneh, adding that the DG was called on his cell phone by Ensa Badjie but his reply was what they (Bun and Badjie) doing in his office.
The case will resume on the 8, November 2011.

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