Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deceased Forcefully Have Sex with My Wife- Says Accused Person

 Falley Colley,  who is alleged to have caused the death of one Kajili Sanneh said the deceased had  forced himself on her  wife some times in 2009  at his(accused)  own house in NemaKunda, West Coast Region.
“The deceased forcefully have sex with my wife who was in her menstrual period inside my house,”  Falley Colley told a crowded  courtroom.
Mr. Colley made these revelations yesterday at the Special Criminal Division as he defend his innocence of  the alleged  murder.  He denied the accusation.
Despite my wife refusal Colley added, the deceased went on to make love to her. He said he was not shocked because that  was the  second time he found the deceased on top of his wife.
He said when the deceased attempted to ran; he told him that there was no need for him to  do so.
 “Because I understand that my wife doesn’t love me”. He adduced that the deceased then apologized and went out.
In the evening,  he said I went to my sister to lodged  complain but I was attacked by the deceased.
“He threatened that he will beat me  if I entered  their compound . But my sister asked me to come in,” he added.
“And the moment I entered the compound,  the deceased started throwing blows on me and my sister  asked  neighbors to hold  him,”  Colley adduced.
He further testified that he narrated the whole story to her  sister and later went home only to be called by the Wellingara Police on the following morning that he was needed at the station.
He said at the station he found the  deceased who claimed  that he was beaten.
 “ I did not beat him because we are related”.
Colley further stated that the deceased was taken to the hospital for examination but nothing was found  to be in a good condition of health.
. “I was charged for trespass at the station and deceased was charged for rape”.
Trial continues  18 October,  2011 for cross-examination.

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