Monday, August 1, 2011

Ex-Police Chief Gets Life Sentence for Robbery

Jailed police chief, Ensa Badjie

Even as two other criminal trials hang over his head, The Gambia’s former hardliner police chief was Friday sentenced to life imprison for a myriad of wrongdoings, including robbery.
Ex Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ensa Badjie has been also found wanton of aiding the escape of a condemned robbery gang leader from lawful custody and received stolen properties.
Badjie was also found guilty of interfering and deceiving witnesses to an unstated criminal venture, together with Ali Ceesay, a prison officer who has been ordered either to pay a D30, 000.00 fine or risk a three-year jail term.
The former law enforcement officers, now law breakers had denied the charges, even after several witnesses to their condemned conducts affirmed the accusations.
“Although Soriba Condeh is a criminal, the evidence he gave is credible,” Justice Ikpala of Special Criminal Court said, referring to the incriminating revelations by inmate Soriba Condeh, who confessed being the leader of robbery gang, whose robbery operations were masterminded by the former police chief.
Following his appointment, Ensa Badjie was hailed by Gambian president Yahya Jammeh as best police IG ever, despite the rising crime, especially murder and robbery during his tenure.
He was embarrassingly butted-out last year following allegations of his involvement in illicit drug trade, in which he named President Jammeh as his boss.
“The convict used his power to terrorise his own people,” Justice Ikpala said referring to the one-tine admired police boss. “Much trust was given to him and he gives sleepless nights to the Kanifing Municipality Area.
Meanwhile, Ali has fathered 12 children and a husband of 3 wives. Ensa Badjie on the other hand has two wives and six children.  As the breadwinners of their various families, their lawyer, Borry Touray had pleaded with the judge to exercise mercy in punishing them.
“To whom much is given, much is expected,” Justice Ikpala however said before sentencing Ensa Badjie as follows: 7 years for conspiracy with Soriba Condeh and others; 14 years for robbery with violence; 7 years for receiving stolen property; life imprisonment for robbery with violence; life imprisonment for abetting robbery with violence; two years for aiding a prisoner to escape and 7 years for official corruption.

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