Thursday, July 14, 2011

“Anti-Drug Officers use Batons to Hit My Uncle on the Head” Deceased’s Niece Tells Court


Ebou Lowe & Eku Gran

A niece to the deceased, who is alleged to have being torture to dead by anti-narcotic officers has told the Special Criminal Division that the first accused person, Ebou Lowe used  baton to hit his uncle, now a deceased while effecting arrest on him.
“The 1st accused hit him on the head with a baton many times, pull his Rasta’s and starts hitting his head on the wall” Isatou Jallow, a student tell the packed court room. She is testifying as the sixth prosecution witness.
“I saw everything because I was standing right front of his window,” she added. She further told the court that the 1st accused forced his uncle into the house because his hands were cuffed at the back. “He pleaded with them to put on his hat but the 1st accused continue beating him.”
Ebou Lowe and Eku Grant were alleged to have unlawfully caused the death of one Cherno Alieu Suwareh by hitting him on the head and knocking his head against the wall on the 25th of March, 2011 in Bakau.
After the incident he said, “I was called to the police headquarters to identify the accused person who were involve” she said.
“But I did not know the number of offices r who came to arrest my uncle” she said during cross-examination by lawyer Badou Conteh, counsel of the 1st accused person.
The witness denied seeing his uncle swallowing substance at the time of his arrest.
“My uncle does not consume drugs” she said. The counsel however put it to the witness that she wouldn’t see it because she was not present. But the witness remains defiant.
 “I was standing right there and I  saw the  1st accused hitting  my uncle many times.”
She also denied the deceased being a drug trafficker or a sickly person.
During cross-examination with Lamin Camara, counsel for the second accused the witness said she did not have the opportunity to talk to deceased after the incident because he was in comma and later die.
 “I couldn’t know the cause of the death because I am not a doctor” she said when the lawyer asked.
Edrissa Jallo who also gives evidence as the 7th prosecution witness said the deceased was bleeding all over when the officers were taken him away. “He was bleeding on his left and right temple but the 1st accused keeps hitting him.”
The witness however, denied doing any drug transaction with the deceased when the defense alleged. I’m putting it to you that you both are  in drug trafficking business” lawyer Conteh advanced but the witness remained defiant.
His statement was tendered by lawyer Camara as evidence when the witness said his statement did mention about the second accused.
Testifying earlier was a police officer attached to the police headquarters. Jawo Keita who gave evidence as pw5 said he received the 1st accused person from the Brusibi police station. He added that a search was conducted in the 1st accused house in Banjulinding and a baton was found.
The baton was tender as evidence.
Case resumes 25, July 2011.

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