Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Wounds on Cherno Deceased’s Head-Barber Tells Court

One Ousman Mballow of Banjul Haddinton Street has told the Special Criminal Division before Justice Ikpala of the High Court in Banjul that there were three wounds on Cherno Alieu Suwareh’s head, now deceased.
 A barber by professional, Ousman said while he was at his salon, he received a called that he is needed at the Royal Victorial Teaching Hospital to barb a sick person.
Mballow was testifying against the two anti-drug officers, Ebou Lowe and Eku Grant who were on the 25th March 2011 alleged to have unlawfully caused the death of Cherno Alieu Suwareh by hitting his head with batons and knocking his head against the wall in Bakau Sanchaba.
“While I was cutting his hair, Cherno was shouting and I came to notice that there were three wounds on the right side of his head,” he said.
He added that the deceased’s hair was later put in a dustbin and his service was paid.
Both counsel for the accused persons did not cross-examine the witness.
Sulayman Jallow, a niece to the deceased also testified as state witness no 6. He alleged that the first accused person, Ebou Lowe used baton to hit his uncle while effecting arrest on him.
 “When I entered the house I saw my uncle bleeding with his hands on cuff he said.  
“The 1st accused lifted my uncle by pulling his rasta’s and forced him inside the vehicle,” Jallow added.
During crossed- examination, Jallow remained defiant that Ebou Lowe hit his uncle.
 “I saw everything as I was standing at the window,” he said.
Lawyer Conteh, counsel for Lowe, put to the witness that he was not truthful to the court because the officers wouldn’t allow him inside while effecting an arrest.
 “I was there and I saw everything,” Jallow responded.
The case was adjourned to October 18, 2011.

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