Thursday, July 28, 2011

Woman Faints After Husband’s Conviction for Drugs

An unnamed young woman said to be the wife of an ex- soldier on Monday fainted at the entrance of National Drug Enforcement Agency's Banjul office where her embattled husband was shepherded into shortly after a guilty verdict was handed down.
“I am married with four children,” Lamin Darboe, fired from the military in the wake of the drug saga had pleaded with the court before the sentence was delivered.
He was sentenced to a ten-year prison term and a million dalasi fine in default to spend five more years in jail for possession of over 3 kilograms of cannabis sativa, an illicit drug he was impounded with at Sololo  security check point in the  Central River Region in October last year.
The desperate looking woman was seen sobbing at the premises of the Banjul Magistrate’s Court.  
She was among a crowd of family members and sympathisers who were wailing after the court’s decision to send Darboe to a ten-year jail term was handed down.

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