Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Author on Freedom Publication But…

Nanama Keita
Although the article on alleged financial malpractices at The Daily Observer Company, which was published on FREEDOM newspaper bears no name, The Daily Observer newspaper’s deputy editor in chief insisted that Mr Nanama Keita, a former deputy editor in chief and sports editor is the author.
“If you read the article you will know who wrote it,” Alagie Jobe responded to Keita’s lawyer’s query, but he confirmed that there was no name on the said article.
Mr Nanama Keita is alleged to have presented false information to a public officer when he petitioned pro-government Daily Observer’s managing director to the president’s office on allegations of financial malpractices at the company, following what he terms as wrongful termination of his services. He denied wrongdoing.
 “It is correct that you don’t have any personal knowledge as  to who provided the information to FREEDOM,” lawyer Neneh Cham quizzed.
Editor Jobe however said, he has no personal knowledge. He affirmed that it was as a result of the petition that the police and anti-drug agency mounted an investigation into the matter.
Alagie Jobe denied receiving any response from the office of the president directing the matter be investigated.
Editor Jobe also rebuffed that the accused came to the office on several occasions to discuss and to resolve the matter.
“He came to beg the Managing Director to forget the past. He even begged me,” Jobe said, but the lawyer argued that that statement is untrue.
Jobe also affirmed that the accused was not invited to the meeting they held subsequently after the article was published on the freedom newspaper.
 When asked if the accused person was a member of the senior management team of The Daily Observer, Jobe replied that there is no senior management team.
 “I am the only one representing the editorial team at the management level,” he added.
The case will resume Monday 22, August 2011.

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