Wednesday, August 24, 2011

University Vice Chancellor Receives D3.5m Per Annum Excluding…

Gumbo Touray
Lamin J Gassama, the second prosecution witness in the false information trial involving Dr Gumbo Touray, a lecturer at The University of The Gambia (UTG) on Tuesday said, UTG vice chancellor receives D3.5 million annually, excluding rent and other expenses.
Vice chancellor professor Mohammed Kah’s pay, according to Mr Gassama, an anti drug officer was revealed following an investigation which was mounted by state when Dr Touray alleged Kah of giving preferential treatment to blood relations at the country’s highest learning institution.
Dr Gumbo Touray is facing trail at the magistrates’ court in Banjul for allegedly lying to the Office of the President that Kah appoints his relatives in key positions at the University. He however pleaded not guilty.
 Testifying before Magistrate Ade Taiwo  Alagbe of the  Banjul Magistrates’ Court, the witness said that issues raised by the accused person are that the salary of the vice chancellor and other benefits that he enjoys are high and not in the interest of the University.
Gassama further testified that they have mounted an investigation upon receiving a directive from the president’s office to look into allegations contained in Mr Touray’s petition.  
He added: “during the course of the investigation it was revealed that vice chancellor Kah receives 3.5 million dalasis per annum excluding an annual rent of $10, 000.00, school fees of his children, salaries of his maids, security, electricity and water.”
Mr Gassama said the letter which was signed by the accused person was addressed to President Yahya Jammeh.
After conducting thorough investigation, he added, we compiled a 100 page report and 29 bullet points signed by himself and Benedict Jammeh, the head of the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) before it was sent to concerned authorities.
Under cross examination counsel for the accused person asked the witnessed whether he could produce the said report and he answered in the positive.
However, Superintendent Sainey Joof objected to this request and told the court that he intends to tender the report as evidence.
 “We will tender the report in due course. It amounts that the defense is giving us directives on what to do,” he said.
Defense lawyer Pap Cheyasin Secka however argued that he cannot think of a better person in respect of the report as Mr Gassama led the investigation.
Magistrate Alagbe dismissed the state objection adding that the prosecution did not give valid reasons.
Hearing resumes Friday 25, August 2010.

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