Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Retired Civil Servant Testifies in Social Security Boss Theft Case

A retired civil servant, Ruth Sowe who claimed that the former Social Security boss stole the sum of D652, 250.00 from her testified as first prosecution witness on Thursday at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court before Taiwo Ade Alagbe.
 Mr. Graham, Social Security managing director who is on bail of D1Million is accused of stealing the sum of D652, 250.00 (six hundred and fifty-two thousand, two hundred and fifty dalasi) being the property of Mrs. Ruth Sowe sometimes in 2009.
He denied the allegation.
According to the witness she did not know the accused very much but recognized him. “We spoke twice on telephone. The first call was about the proposed meeting between me and him to discuss the way forward about a property in dispute,” she said.
The property, she said is at 16 Kairaba Avenue and is owned by his aunt who was so close to the accused person. “They were like mother and son,” she adduced, adding that the proposed meeting never took place as she told him that she will need her lawyer. “The accused too said he will refer it his lawyer”
Mrs. Sowe further told the court that she told the accused that she will wait for the outcome of the suit that the accused has taken against her when the he (accused) proposed for another meeting.
The defense at this juncture informed the court about what the accused was charged with by reading it to the court. She said the witness was referring to a judgment that the High Court has already given. “All facts and matters prior to that judgment, this court cannot make those findings,” she said
Bensouda said the fact that the criminal case does not give the prosecution to make findings that of the High Court.
The objection was however overruled by the magistrate.
When witness started giving evidence the magistrate told the prosecution that the case be adjourned as the witness was giving evidence that was different from the charges.
Before the adjournment, the defense brought to the notice of the prosecutor that the jurisdiction of the Banjul Court stops at Denton Bridge. “The property if at 16 Kairaba Avenue, why is the case in this court,” she asked, adding that it should have been preferred at the Kanifing Court.

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