Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“I Pleaded with Moses Richards to Write …” Says Jabang Alkalo

“Despite the warnings Pa Harry gave me, Moses refused to write on my behalf. I pleaded with him to write the letter but he said he had problem with the Sherriff and if he writes on my behalf it may not be in my favor,” Pa Ebrima Colley told a packed courtroom.
The witness explained that Moses Richards told him that he had a problem with the Sherriff and the matter reached the Minister of Justice.
He was continuing his evidence in the criminal trial involving the former High Court judge facing two criminal charges – giving false information and sedition - at Banjul Magistrates’ Court.
Moses denied any wrong-doing.
The village head of Jabang in Kombo North, West Coast region he was panic when Pa Harry warned him that he had three days left. He said Pa Harry could not allow him to explain when he wanted to, but rather told him to do what the Sherriff asked him to do.
He said he then went back to Moses’ office and told him, “Help me, if you don’t, there will be big problem in my village,” he adduced.
Moses, he said, mentioned other lawyers but he insisted, stating that other lawyers may demand money and he don’t have any.
He said that was the time Richards agreed to write the letter on his behalf only if he explained everything that has happened.
“You mentioned that when you went to the Sherriff’s office, he ordered one Alieu to photocopy a document from a file,” Gaye asked. “Yes”, the witness said.
The document was tendered as ‘ID purpose’ after identifying it as the same document.
Trial resumes Thursday, April 14.

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