Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ex-IGP Ensa Badjie’s Statement Was Obtained at Mile 2 Prison

The cautionary and witness statement of the former police chief was obtained at Mile 2 prisons, according to crime unit officer.
Under-cross examination by Ensa Badjie who was not represented by a legal counsel, Ali Ceesay, officer attached to crime unit in police headquarters in Banjul told the court that he obtained the statement of the police boss at Mile 2 prison.
Ensa is facing a count of abuse of office at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court before magistrate Taiwo Ade Alagbe.
He is alleged to have masterminded the release of one Ousman Drammeh alias Baka who was caught for traffic offence along the Senegambia junction while he (Ensa) was the Inspector General of Police.
In response to the ex-IGP’s question on whether he could recall some of the things he mentioned to him while obtaining his statement, the witness told the court that Ensa told him that he did not appeal to anyone for the release of Baka.
Ensa put it to the witness that he also told him that ex- Captain Lamin Fatty and his men jointly assaulted a PIU officer at Palma Rima junction until they broke his arm but the witness replied: “some are true and some are not”, adding that Ensa only told him that the ex-Captain ordered the PIU officers to move from the Senegambia junction.
The witness further said Ensa told him that he stood by his previous statement when he was obtaining cautionary statement from him
Officer Ceesay further told the court that they received a petition letter from ex-Captain Lamin citing many allegations in which Ensa Badjie was involved in.
Ensa put it to the witness that he never received a petition letter while he was the IGP as the witness claimed, adding that he was only sent a letter when he was detained at Mile 2 prisons for 11 months.
“You said that I had a telephone conversation with Ousman Drammeh. Did I call him or he called?” former police chief asked, but the witness said he cannot confirm that.
“Am putting it to you that pw1 did mentioned in this court that he called me, that I told him it was none of my business,” Ensa advanced, but the witness said he wouldn’t know that as he was not in court.
Case continues Friday 15, 2011

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