Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ex-Parliamentarian Drug Case Proceeds

The criminal trial involving Dawda Manneh, former National Assembly member for Nianija constituency in the Central River Region and Demba Baldeh ex-soldier on Monday proceeded before

acting principal magistrate of the Banjul Magistrates’ Court, Taiwo Ade Alagbe.
Dawda Manneh and Demba Baldeh are standing trial on charges of being in possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, as well as conspiracy. They were alleged to have conspired to traffic 9 kilograms and 260 grams of suspected drug (cannabis). But they all denied the charges.
Under-cross examination, 2nd accused Demba Baldeh put it to ex-parliamentarian that he lied in court when he said he did not know him.
“I know him very well and he contacted me many times for me to help him financially pertaining to this matter,” the ex-soldier said
Baldeh also put it to the 1st accused that he never informed him the day he lifted him; that he was containing cannabis in the boot of his car. But the ex-NAM maintained that he needed not to do so.
“How can I put a huge bag in a boot without the owner challenging,” the 2nd accused challenged but the 1st accused said he did not because he was not expecting that the bag contained cannabis.
He added that the 2nd accused told him he was taking clothes and other item for his family
The case resume April 19 for second accused to open defense.

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