Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wowo Was a Personal Friend-Pa Harry Jammeh

Pa Harry Jammeh

Pa Harry Jammeh has refuted allegations that he conspired with Ex- justice minister and Njogu Bah against ex-chief justice, Joseph Wowo who is currently standing trial in a different matter at the High Court in Banjul.

“I did not conspire with anybody and I was not aware of any conspiracy” says ex-Solicitor General and Legal Secretary.

Jammeh made this refutation as he enters his defense in the criminal trial also involving Dr Njogu Bah, former Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service and also minister of Presidential affairs Bah, and Lamin Jobarteh minister for justice, on allegations of giving false information to a public servant, abuse of office and conspiracy to carry out a lawful purpose by unlawful means.

He said he did not conspire to remove justice Wowo by an unlawful means. “Wowo was a personal friend, I have nothing against him and still do not have,” Jammeh said.

According to him, it’s his friendship with him that why he did not say anything when he was summon by then justice minister (1st accused) to attend a meeting Wowo was part of.

 “I did not say a word in that meeting to further jeopardize the relationship,” he alleges. “Infact I refused because I never wanted a situation where I’m going to exchange words with Wowo fore the relationship has strain, but he (1st accused) insisted.

On the allegation of abuse of office, Jammeh said the accusation is unfounded. “I have nothing to do with this Saga. All I did was to write this two letters based on instructions I was given,” he said

According to Jammeh, he did not give any false information because “My membership in judicial service commission is by law.”

The SG, he went on, is principal advisor to the president and once a executive directives is issue, as civil servant, you act with promptitude.

 He said all he did was within his job description, adding that he was answerable to the Attorney General and minister of justice and SG Njogu bah was equally his boss.

Jammeh emphasizes that the all letters he wrote was done under the instruction of his boss.

The trial will continue on 21, October for the 1st accused lawyer to cross-examine Jammeh



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