Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wowo Was Never Appointed as ActingChief Justice’

Ex-CJ Wowo

John Belford, the Judiciary Secretary has said Wowo was never appointed at acting chief justice because he did not receive any letter to that effect.

“I have never complain to any authority about Wowo acting as Chief Justice, because I was looking to receive executive orders confirming the acting appoint,” he testifies.

Minutes of an emergency meeting which was given to him to read by the defense lawyer shows that former CJ, Agim told judicial commission that he was handing over to Wowo.

“Agim told the meeting that he was resigning as the CJ and handing it over to justice Wowo.” Belford read from the minutes of the meeting as order by the defense lawyer for 1st accused (Wowo). “He said he (Agim) informed the government that he has picked up another appointment in Nigeria.”

According to Belford, he was not present at the meeting and wouldn’t know whether any judge was absent or not.  “But I did circulate the minutes of the meeting to the judicial commission members” he said.

He said he did not received any letter from the AG chambers protesting the activities that took place at the meeting

“From your own testimony, and minutes of the meeting, the commission was aware that the 1st accused (Wowo) was acting chief justice” lawyer Uzuma Quizzes. “I’m not sure,” Belford replied. “I cannot speak on their behalf.”

He also said he is aware of the re-organization of the judiciary and investigation about the missing 70, 000 within the judiciary. The question of who were the suspects was overruled by the judge after the state counsel objected, describing it as irrelevant.

Belford also tells the court that Amadou Sambou who is among the judicial commission meeting list was appointed by the president.


Author: Binta A Bah

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