Saturday, October 12, 2013

UDP’s Treasurer, Others Appear at High Court

Amadou Sanneh (ThePoint)

The Special Criminal Division was packed with family members, love ones and well as well wishers as the National Treasurer of the opposition United Democratic Party, was being escorted to the courtroom by plain cloth officers.
After one week in the hands of the National Intelligent Agency, Amadou Sanneh, Sambou Fatty and Malang Fatty were arraigned before Justice Nkea at the High Court in Banjul.
Sanneh and two others were arrested and since then have been have been in custody at the headquarters of the National Intelligence Agency in Banjul over what the NIA described as a failed attempt to help a young man seek political asylum in Finland.
The state have brought charge(s) against all the accused but they could not take their plea. Sambou Fatty whose appearance prompts the judge to ask what was wrong with him is yet secure the services of a lawyer. The same thing goes to Malang Fatty.
Sambou couldn’t stand straight while on the dock, he was twisting throughout before the court order that he should be made to see a doctor at the Edward Francis Small Teaching hospital.

“The second accused should be taken to the hospital for medical treatment” Nkea said.
Nkea also ordered for the remand of the Malang and Sambou at the mile two central till 21, October, for plea taking. They have appeal to be given some time to secure legal representative
Meanwhile bail hearing of the 3rd accused person, Amadou Sanneh would hear on Monday 14, October. Sanneh’s lawyer, Neneh Cham earlier told the court that she came to court to secure bail for her client.
She said didn’t know whether charges were brought against her client. When she wanted to move her bail application, Director of Public Prosecution, H Barkum, told the court that defense lawyer should come formally since they have come up with charges.
“Whether we should come formally or not that is the discretion of the court” Neneh responded.
However, justice Nkea rule that it would be neater if counsel can come up with an amended affidavit.

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