Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ex-Chief Justice Yet to See a Doctor, Trial Commence

ExChief Justice Wowo

Ex-chief Justice of the Gambia has told the Special Criminal Division that he is yet to see a doctor as ordered by the same court on Monday.
Wowo who is standing trial together with the former justice minister, Lamin Jobarteh said he was not taken to the hospital.
A prison officer however, told the court that he’s just received the ordered when the judge inquired.
Wowo who is yet to get a Gambian who can bail him with a landed property is standing trial on 13 counts of abuse of office, frauds and breaches of trust, conspiracy to defeat justice, offences relating to judicial proceedings, giving false information to a public officer and assumption of authority.
While Jobarteh is only charge with two counts: conspiracy to defeat justice, offences relating to judicial proceedings
The two are said to have succumb to negotiation over a pending case before the court of appeal which act was an interference with the due executions of legal proceedings before the court of appeal.
Charges they strongly denied.
Meanwhile a police officer attached to the major crime unit has testified as the state first witness. Jawo Keita who was part of the panel said he obtained the cautionary statement from first accused (Wowo) in connection of the allegation made against him.

“I was tasked to investigate his ill-doings during his term in office” Keita Alleges.
The PW’s evidence was not flowing, prompting the judge to intervene.
“If you don’t want to testify, say so. Don’t waste my time” Justice Nkea told him
Continuing his testimony, Keita said the second major thing while cautioning the accused, was in connection with Amie Bensouda, regarding a letter the 1st accused wrote to the NIA for Mrs Bensouda to be investigated. The statements were admitted in evidence.
Under cross-examination, officer KEITA said he received directives to be part of the panelist, alleging that it was directives from the office of the President, signed by former Secretary General, Njogu Bah.
At this juncture, the accused lawyer Uzoma requested for the report and letter but the state counsel said it was not available in court.
The case will resume, 26 August, for continuation of cross examination and for state to serve the defense with the relevant documents..

Author: Binta A. Bah

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