Saturday, August 24, 2013

Interpol Officer Testifies As Hearing Begin in Dr. Njogu & Co. Trial

Njogu Bah

Police officer attached to the Interpol unit of the Gambia police force yesterday told the High Court in Banjul that he obtained both cautionary and voluntary statements from the first accused, Lamin Jobarteh, former justice minister.
However, Musa said he did not grant the accused request to meet his lawyer before taking the cautionary statements during cross examination with layer Lamin S Camara.
“I did not because I was not entitled to do so” Jarju told the packed courtroom. “I was not the head of the investigation panel.”
Jarju was testifying in the case of Dr Njogu Bah Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service and also minister of Presidential affairs Bah, Lamin Jobarteh minister for justice while Pa Harry Jammeh, Solicitor General and Legal Secretary.

The three are on trial at the High Court in Banjul on three counts of giving false information to a public servant, abuse of office and conspiracy to carry out a lawful purpose by unlawful means.
They are accused of conspiring among themselves to remove justice Wowo by an unlawful means-to-wit: orchestrating his arrest, detention and mock trial.
 They are further accused of giving false information that the president of the Gambia has directed the termination of the appointments of Justice Wowo knowing the information to be false.
They denied any wrong doing.
According to the witness, he was instructed by ASP Lamin Cham to obtain the statement from the accused which he did.
He said the accused however  denied all the charges he prefer against him base on the cautionary statement he obtain from him. Both the cautionary and voluntary statements were tender as evidence.
Undercross examination he said he cannot remember how long have the accused been under custody before he took his statements. He said all he did in the investigation is to take the statements.
 The trial is continuing on August 28.

Author: Binta A. Bah

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