Friday, September 27, 2013

Dumpsites Clear up Underway

Dumpsites on the Sukuta-Latrikunda highway are being cleared following executive orders, according to the councilor for Sukuta Ward.
Ebrima J Cham during the clearing up of waste at the Sukuta main dumping site told this reporter that the process has been going since on Friday.
“I understand that there is a directive from the office of the President to combat all these unauthorized dumping yards left for long time that need to be cleared out” says Cham.
This, according to Cham, is taken up by the National Disaster Management (NDMA) in collaboration with the Brikama Area Council. He said the NDMA has provided two trucks and two excavators to take up this task.
“It’s my priority to make sure the dump sites are clear and anti-littering law is enforce so that people can live healthy, without any offensive smell”
Sukuta-Latrikunda dumpsites had been a long-term problem for residents, even though it’s the sole mandate of the area council to clear up waste.  Sukuta is directly under Brikama Area Council.

However, residents can still dump waste as arrangement with the council to drop a bin at the sites that should be collected at least once a week is also underway.
“The community is fully allowed to dump their waste but no one with a vehicle is allowed, because they can drive to the main center to drop it there,” he said, adding under age would also not be allowed to throw away waste at the yard, “because they can throw it anywhere they like which can cause littering up to the highway which is very unhealthy.”
Cham went on: “I’m not a councilor just to be in the council chambers, I’m not in the council because of the wages, and I’m not in the council for fame but to fight the right of the people, to bring the taxes they are paying to change it in a form of development.”
Fatou Cham, Chairperson, Village Development Committee of Sukuta assured that her committee will now take up responsibility of managing the dumping site.
“I’m very much concern about the welfare of my people,” she said.
Baboucarr Jatta, a local told our correspondent that the dumping site has affected their lives for years. “We find it very disturbing to sleep at night because of the odour,” he said. “The area council should help us collect the waste regularly to avoid spreading more diseases.”
Bubacarr Singeteh, computer technician student and also Red Cross volunteer said they have been advocating for the dumpsite to be cleared, which has many health threats. “It has many health hazards and have affected the life of the community,” he said.
“Removing this waste will impact positively on their lives and also reduce water damage source” Singeteh emphasizes.

Author: Binta A. Bah

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