Friday, June 15, 2012

Prof Kah Testifies at Last Says He’s Not a Reckless VC

Prof Kah was testifying against former director of international affairs at UTG, Mr Gumbo Touray, who denied a charge of false information. Gumbo was put on trial when he addressed a petition to President Yahya Jammeh accusing that Kah appoints his relatives, disregards University authority and wastes university’s scarce resources.
After two adjournments due to his absence, Kah at last made himself available, denying further that he lavishly used UTG’s resources.
“Every travel I make I always seek clearance from the president, Yahya Jammeh. So you don’t have a reckless VC, my travels are genuine,” he testified.

“I have a successful career all over the world, spanning over 25 years prior coming home. Vice Chancellors all over the world travel for the best interest of their universities.
“These are unfounded allegations, items I can say to be fiction of imagination against me.”
According to him, contrary to the claims that he terminated the services of Gumbo Touray, the latter’s services were never terminated. Instead, he explained the former top UTG official’s contract expired and the University Governing Council refused to renew it.
“So why do you stop the staff loan,” the prosecutor, Chief Supt. Sainey Joof asked him.
He replied: “As the VC, who is in charge of the UTG of first class, I discovered mess at the UTG because there was low revenue, which constituted the staff loan.
“To my dismay I found out that our accounts were negative. I immediately stopped the staff loan because I was left with no other choice. The UTG is not a bank, it is not here to serve personal interest, but larger interest.”
On the issue of employing MrKojo as Director of Finance, Prof. Kah, said the Gambia has zero tolerance for xenophobia, adding his predecessors are non-Gambians.
“If a Vice Chancellor can be foreigner, why can’t the director of finance be a foreigner,” he explained, noting that his task is to search for the best and brightest to offer to the UTG.
Meanwhile, Prof Kah has ended his evidence-in-chief, and is expected to face the defense lawyer, Badou Conteh for cross-examination, come June, 18. Magistrate Taiwo Ade Alagbe presided over the case.

Author: Binta A Bah

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