Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Prof Kah in three Adjournments Lawyer Tells Magistrate: ‘Everybody is Watching’

Gumbo Touray

The false information trial involving former top lecturer at the University of The Gambia, Gumbo Ali Touray, which was proceeding fairly well when it started August 3 of last year, has however experienced setbacks in recent times.
Nearly one month, the much-sought testimony of the first Gambian-born UTG Vice Chancellor, Professor Mohammadou Kah, is yet to come by.
For the second consecutive time on Monday June 4, the magistrates’ court in Banjul adjourned the case as Prof. Kah who was tipped to be the star witness, has reportedly‘traveled out of the jurisdiction of the court.’
This time round however, the lawyer for Gumbo Touray did not hesitate to express his displeasure.
In very clear terms, Lawyer Badou Conteh pointed-out to the court that the case against his client has attracted the attention of the public and as he said, ‘everybody is watching.’

“My client is a highly academic intellectual and his time should not be wasted,” Conteh added,“he wants to know his fate because it is not easy to go under this type of trauma.”
Even the magistrate seemed displeased with what has become yet another familiar excuse. He warned that he will close the prosecution case, if no witness is provided when the case resumes.
Gumbo Touray, the former director of international affairs of UTG stands accused of giving false information when he petitioned Vice Chancellor Kah to the President’s office, allegedly claiming, among other things, that Prof Kah lives a lavish life, which is unsustainable for a poor UTG.
Touray however, denied the allegation. He could spend up to six months in jail if found guilty.
For almost one month now, the trial involving Gumbo Touray has been deferred as the much-sought testimony of Professor Mohammadou Kah seems to be a far away aspiration.
The first Gambian-born Vice Chancellor was supposed to testify, but the matter was adjourned for a familiar reason that he traveled.
This was after Supt. Sainey Joof said the vice chancellor has travelled out of the country on an official mission. He applied for an adjournment adding that a letter has been written to the court.
The case has been adjourned again June 12.
Author: Binta A Bah

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