Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Executive Should Have Regard For Cases Before The Court

President Jammeh
 Anyone who reads or listens to the press released from the Ministry of Education, Research, Science and Technology and the Governing Council of the University of The Gambia would not pay deaf ears to the many beautiful words about Professor Mahammadou M.O. Kah Vice Chancellor of the UTG.

First and foremost, Professor Kah is not under trial. Surely, the public needs to know the whole truth about the investigation carried out by the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) hence a great chance for him to speak for himself.

 However, the court asked the prosecution to produce Professor Kah to come to court to clear things up. He is the complainant as the magistrate put it.

The National Drug Enforcement Agency was ordered by the state to investigate on the University of The Gambia regarding   allegations advanced by Gumbo Touray against the Vice Chancellor, Professor Kah.

President Jammeh and the Ministry of Education should tell Gambians   why they are disregarding the investigation report done by NDEA.

It could be recalled that the investigating report was tendered in court which revealed that Professor Kah is doing whatever he wants to do and at the same time was accused of wasting the money of the UTG.

The NDEA is part of the government and had made many investigative reports. So why is the case of Professor Kah so unique? Or is President Jammeh indicating that the NDEA report was not up to standard? He should explain to the public why he disregards the report.

The press released is an interference of the Executive into the Judiciary. Let’s allow the Judiciary to conduct their work as the way it should be. What is wrong with the separation of powers and check and balances that are enshrined in our Constitution?

The press released can make Gambians in and out The Gambia to think whether Professor Kah is under trial.

Being a public officer, which qualified him to be duty bearer in the country, Professor Kah, is not exempted from testifying in court.  In fact, he has written to the court showing his interest to testify.

Author:Binta A .Bah

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