Saturday, October 22, 2011

‘My Client Didn’t Kill Her Baby’

Lawyer for a mother, who is accused of killing her baby after delivery on Wednesday made a tough argument in court in defence of her client, who she claimed is innocent of murder.
Kaddy Jabang, a native of Niani Kunteng village in rural-Central River region of The Gambia is charged with the murder of her newborn baby, who was found dead in a well. She however pleaded not guilty.
“No evidence has been established in court to show that my client killed her own child,” argued lawyer Oledi-Uduma on Wednesday at High Court in Banjul.
She made a submission of no-case-to-answer as the prosecution closed its case following the testimony of a lone witness, who she argued only tendered the picture of the baby.
Lawyer Uduma said, the prosecution has failed to prove that her client intentionally killed her baby.
She alleged that the state also fail to called other witnesses that were listed for fear that it will be an advantage for the accused person. “They have sealed information,” she added.

“My client is a married wife, who gave birth to a child in the bush alone without any medical support, which resulted in her unconsciousness; hence her relatives took her to the hospital for treatment,” she added.
“My lord, I urge this honorable court to discharge and acquit the accused person. She is a married wife, gave birth as explained above and there were no indications that she killed the baby as alleged in the charge.”
The prosecution however made a reply yesterday urging the court to convict and sentence the accused person.

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