Wednesday, May 25, 2011

State Guard Vehicle Whisks Away Sarjo Fofana’s Son

Sarjo Fofana with Security Officers

A young man reported to be the son of former navy chief, Sarjo Fofana was yesterday whisked away by some security men on board a State Guard vehicle with registration number S76.  
The Daily News could not confirm whether or not he has been released at the time of going to press.
Alongside former defence chief Lt Gen. Lang Tombong Tamba, Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana was yesterday found guilty by The  Gambia’s Special Criminal Court for participating  in 2006 coup attempt  even though  both had denied the allegations.
The young man, whose name The Daily News is yet to confirm was protesting against the 20-year-jail sentence, handed down on his father. 
He was among a teeming mass of family members and sympathisers who were sobbing and wailing at the premises of the High Court in Banjul as soon as sentence was delivered.
The furiously looking son of a former top military man was seen engaging in a push-and- pull with some security officers who blocked his rush towards his father.
“I want to die,” he could be heard yelling in a loud, husky voice, resisting the security officers who trying to get hold of him. “Dad what have you done to deserve this.”
He was later picked in the midst of the gathering at the entrance of the High Court. The said vehicle was seen entering the NIA headquarters in Banjul.

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