Thursday, May 19, 2011

NDEA Deputy Director Testifies in Karamo’s Drug Case


Current Deputy Director, NDEA

The Deputy Director General of National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) on Monday testified against ex-deputy director of NDEA, Karamo Bojang accused of stealing illicit drugs.
Karamo Bojang is alleged to have stolen 67 pellets of cocaine recovered from the stomach of a dead Nigerian national, Samuel Okafor at a mortuary in Banjul in 2006 while claiming that the said drugs were destroyed in a destruction exercise.
He denied the allegations.
Kalilu Njie, who appeared as state witness no.2 said the pellets of cocaine were given to the accused who was the keeper of confiscated drugs.
“In 2010 Benedict Jammeh, Director General of NDEA ordered investigation into the case of Samuel Okafor,” he explained in court.
According to Njie, this investigation led to the current accusations leveled against former no.2 at anti narcotics agency, who is undergoing a separate trial at High Court.
“I read a portion where the accused said he saw some pellets of cocaine stained with blood before the destruction in 2006 and 2007,” Njie told the court.
According to him, he wrote a statement reacting to the accused person’s comments, because it was never shown to him.
He added that he joined the service in 1998 and have witnessed many exercise of destruction of drugs.
The witness further told the court that he did not know whether or not the former boss of NDEA, Ebrima Bun Sanneh and Ousman Sanneh, the then Director of Operation were present during the 2006 drug destruction.
“Is it normal for them to be absent,” Tambedou further asked and the witness agreed that it is very normal.
When Tambedou put it to the witness that Bun Sanneh and Ousman Sanneh were both present during the drug destruction exercise in 2006, the witness said it could be.
The witness denied picking up a cocaine during the destruction exercise.
Tambedou also put it to the witness that at one Alieu Jassey was the exhibits keeper of hard drugs.
“You said Mbaye handed the cocaine to the accused. Was it in your presence,” Tambedou asked.
 “No I wasn’t there” said the witness.
The witness also told the court that he did not know who controlled the keys of the save of hard drugs. 
At that juncture, the state announced the closure of its case.
Meanwhile, both parties are expected to file in their written addresses before the next adjournment date.
The case resumes Monday, 30 May 2011.

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