Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ex-Police Chief Denies Befriending a Pub Manager

A former police chief standing trial on multiple criminal charges said, the state witness no. 7 was severely tortured by the National Intelligent Agency to testify against him.
Embattled ex-police chief, Ensa Badjie and Ali Ceesay, a prison officer are accused of robbery, aiding prisoners to escape, abuse of office, drugs and related offences.
Both pleaded not guilty.
Yaya Tony, the manager of the famous City Pub had earlier testified that Ensa Badjie is a friend, who used to visit his pub.
However, Ensa Badjie alleged that the pub manager succumbed to over a one month detention with severe torture at the NIA headquarters.
He said he is not a friend to Mr Tony.
“Why will Tony lie against you,” the director of public prosecution quizzed and Ensa replied: “Because he [Tony] was under duress.”
“Was he tortured in this court,” DPP further asked and Ensa replied: “He was escorted by the officials.” 
On the state witness no.10, Abdoulaye Sowe, Ensa said he had a quarrel with him when he was commanding Kanifing police.
He explained: “I had a quarrel with him when he impregnated one female constable and abandoned the child.”
Soriba Condeh is a convicted robber serving jail sentence at the maximum prison in Banjul. When he appeared as a state witness, he said, he was the robbery gang leader, but Ensa Badjie masterminded their robbery operations.
However, Ensa said, he did not know Soriba Condeh until the day the latter was arrested.
“What is your source of information that Soriba Condeh had disappeared,” DPP asked. Ensa said that is the information he received.
When asked if he had fulfilled his promise when Soriba was captured he said he did not because Landing Bojang, Serrekunda police boss was trying to incriminate him.
Badjie Denied allegations that he gave cannabis and alcohol to Soriba at the office of the drug squad as alleged of him.
He said he only went with Soriba at the office of the Drug enforcement in the presence of Benedict Jammeh, Omar Jibba.
Badjie said Soriba Condeh and wife Fatou Mendy bear hatred against him because, as he said, “I arrested Soriba Condeh when he escaped from prison.”
He said the other murder and robbery convicts have all lied against him in court. “Why would they lie against you,” he was asked.
“Because if they lie against me they will be given presidential pardon and if they tell the truth they will remain in prison,” the former police chief said.
Hearing continues today.

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