Friday, March 11, 2011

Imam Affirms Efry Mbye, Rongo’s Smear Campaign

Banjulinding Central Mosque Imam Monday affirmed Efry Mbye and Momodou Jarjue alias Rongo’s smear campaign against alkalo Eric Tundeh Janneh of Banjulunding.
Both Efry Mbye, a praise singer, and Rongo, a musician are renowned artists, who have been identified as staunch supporters of the ruling APRC regime.
Fresh charges pressed against them revealed that they gave false information to a public officer, made and uttered false documents and conducted in a manner conducive to the breach of the peace – a total of four counts.
In detail, Efry and Rongo, in 2010 lied to the local government ministry and Office of the President that alkalo Eric Tundeh Janneh is disuniting the people and grabbing the lands.
They have also claimed to be council of elders of Banjulinding, falsely uttered petition letters to the Office of the President and Pa Malick Faye, managing director of Observer Company and conducted meetings with the people of Banjulinding in a manner likely to cause the breach of the peace. Both pleaded not guilty.
However, Imam Yahya Bah, who testified on Monday before Magistrate Taiwo Ade Alagbe in Banjul, said the letter written by accused persons triggered dispute in the village.
Imam Bah said it was indicated in the said letter that the Alkalo Janneh does not treat the villagers equally as a result of which the alkalo and some village elders were invited for talks at the Office of the President.
After the meeting, he explained, alkalo convened a meeting with the elders of the village to inform them about the meeting at the Office of the President.
But Malang Badjie, a villager and others wrote to the secretary general, Office of the President pretending to be the council of elders and youth committee of the village, condemning the alkaloship of Eric Tunde Janneh.
According to him, both the village elders and accused persons were invited for discussions at National Drug Enforcement Agency office where both parties agreed to resolve the problem among them. 
The case resumes March 16.

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