Monday, March 14, 2011

DPP to Produce Original Case Files of Soriba Condeh

The Deputy Director Public Prosecution (DPP) has been ordered to produce the original case files of Soriba Condeh, pw1 despite his squabble that they do not have the said documents to be tendered by the defense in the trial of Ensa Badjie and Ali Ceesay charged for corruption and drug related charges.
 The Judge accepted paragraph 1 of the defense but rejected paragraphs 2 and 3 of the file notice application for the state to produce the original copies.
The Ex-IGP and ASP Ali Ceesay are facing multiple criminal charges ranging from robbery, aiding prisoners, abuse of office, drug related charges among others at the Special Criminal Court before Justice Ikapala.
Allegations they strongly denied.
The DPP earlier told the court that the defense laid no sufficient particulars in the file application. He said he did not know the station the files are and that there are a lot of Soriba Condeh’s in the country.  “This is fake. We don’t have the documents”, he said while urging the court to strike out the notice application.
The defense in reacting to the prosecution’s objection said the prosecution had led evidence in court with testimony of Soriba Condeh, Fatou Mendy and Tony who all admitted that Soriba was arrested, released on bail and the case file was sent to the Serrekunda Police station.
“Paragraph 1 is making reference to the case files”, he said, adding that nothing can be more of reference than the police dairy.  “This is the highest degree of exact truth that the defense can apply for”.
He said the prosecution should produce the original files and if they don’t the defense will tender theirs as evidence.
“The DPP should not be disturbed if he cannot lay hands on the originals,” the defense said, “because we have the photocopies”
The case is adjourned to march 21st for continuation.

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