Friday, March 11, 2011

“Authorities prove that I was innocent”

The former police chief, Ensa Badjie has told the court that the authorities proved that he was innocent after a report was issued to them in 2007 when Soriba Condeh initially tried to implicate him.
"The allegations against me was investigated by the NIA and the Major and serious Crime Unit but reports show that I was innocent" Ensa said
The ex-Inspector General of Police and CSP Ali Ceesay are facing 15 counts ranging from robbery, aiding prisoners, abuse of office, drugs and related charges. They denied the charges.
Making the revelation before justice Ikapala of the Special Criminal Division the High Court in Banjul, Ensa told the court that Benedict Jammeh never revealed to the cx-CDS Lang Tombong Tamba for him to be arrested.
"Pw1 said in court that Benedict Jammeh warranted for your arrest but ex-CDS said you should not be arrested" his lawyer inquired.
"That is a lie" Ensa said "pw1 is only annoyed with me because I arrested him and he was prosecuted"
Badjie further revealed to the court that he has never told Soriba and his team to plead guilty neither has he anything to do with their escape.
He added that pw1 lied in court when he said he (Ensa) will provide a lawyer for them in 2007.
Ensa posited that he has never purchased cutter or any other items as pw1 alleged in his testimony for numerous breaking they committed in the Greater Banjul Area.
"I never gave them cutter or any other tool for criminal operations or to break into any supermarket," he said
"pw1 said you arrested him with a bundle of cannabis weighing five kilos" his lawyer inquired further, but Ensa vehemently denied it adding that he has on no account planned with pw1 to confiscate cannabis seized by state for his personal interest
The former police chief also denied buying alcohol for pw1 or running any bar with Tony (pw5) "It is against my religion" he said
Badjie refuted assigning pw1 to break into a bank and also facilitating a taxi for the save.
He added that he never told Soriba to abscond when Ebrima Suma was arrested.
He also denied asking Dodou Janneh (pw9) to his to help him count D300, 000 in his office adding that Dodou was only a volunteer "I am more educated than Dodou so why would I invite him to help me count" Ensa said.
"All I know" he said," is that he committed murder and I arrested him and he was prosecution and sentenced to death" Badjie said.
When asked by counsel if anything had transpired between him, 2nd accused and pw1, Ensa said one day while in mile 2 "when pw1 return from the NIA to the prison he met me at the verandah around no 7 ward and there he told me that Pa Harry Jammeh and Director General of NIA Numo Kujabi…"
Before he could finish the statement the Director of Public Prosecution objected to the statement. He said that portion was never mentioned by pw1 in court.
The defense in reaction said the objection was misconceived. He said pw1 is a witness who has testified before the court adding that the witness is narrating what the pw1 told him.
He added that he is laying a foundation in connection with the allegation levelled against the 2nd accused person while urging the court to overrule the DPP objection.
The judge in his ruling rejected the evidence of Ensa Badjie. He said he did not at anytime heard the prosecution witnesses mentioned Pa Harry Jammeh and DG NIA.

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