Thursday, July 11, 2013

Prosecution Given Last Chance in Ex-Justice Minister, Pa Harry Jammeh Case

The Magistrate court in Banjul has given a last chance to the prosecution to proceed with the case of the former Attorney General and minister of Justice, Lamin AMS Jobarteh, and former solicitor general and legal secretary, Pa Harry Jammeh.

 He made this ruling after both parties made their submissions. Superintendent Sainey Joof said the matter is still under investigation and urged the court to give last chance when the case resume Tuesday 2, July, for hearing

The duo are facing 10 criminal counts ranging from conspiracy to defeat justice, to abuse of office, official corruption, destroying evidence and neglect of official duty, allegations they denied.

Jobarteh and Jammeh are alleged to have conspired to defeat justice forcing Justice Joseph Wowo,
the acting Chief Justice of The Gambia to leave the country in a move to drop or suppress criminal charges against Amie Bensouda and other staff members at the Judiciary.

The charge further accused Lamin AMS Jobarteh for corruptly soliciting and  also received three heads of cattle from the people of Chedoyel in CRR in return for the cattle track he helped secure for them by virtue of his office.

Police said he also removed the community tap situated near his newly bought compound at the Town’s Bantaba in Bansang to unlawfully extend his newly bought compound, an arbitrary act to the rights of the people of Bansang.

Pa Harry Jammeh, on the other in the year 2009, while serving as the Sheriff of the High Court, in abuse of his office, destroyed unspecified amount of cannabis and bullet exhibits from the Mansa Konko and Basse Magistrates’ Courts without authority and due regard to Section 95 of the Drug Control Act 2009.

Before the magistrates ruling, the lead defense, Lamin S Camara objected that the application is clearly a violation of fundamental rights of the accused persons as stated in the constitution.

“The accused have a right to a fair trial within a reasonable time” he said

Charges were filed against the accused since the 20th June this year and applied for adjournment because the matter was under investigation, and on the 25th June, the court heard that the matter is still under investigation.

“is either the court proceed or drop the charges hanging over the accused person” he said, “this court granted the accused bail on the 25th , but it’s unfortunate to inform this court that the accused are still under custody. The prosecution is asking for an adjournment yet they refuse to comply with your order.”

However, the prosecution told the court that investigation is for fair hearing. “They were re-arrested for a different matter and a fresh charge has been filed this morning” he said adding that the defense claim that he did not obey the court orders did not exist, “everybody is entitle to a last chance” he concludes.

The magistrate in his ruling said the re-arrest is another enforcement in which the court will not comment, “I will adjourn the case for the last time’ he warned the prosecution.

Trial will resume July, 9 FOR HEARING.



Author: By Binta A Bah


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