Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Release of journalist Alagie Sissay confirmed

Mr Sisay

Gambia Press Union confirmed yesterday that the managing director of Teranga FM radio station, Mr Alagie Sisay has been released after twelve days in the custody of the state.
"He was dumped in the streets of Yundum, near the Airport, at 11pm, where his family picked him after he telephoned to inform them of his release, says Saikou Jammeh secretary general of the union.
"Although Mr Sisay has given no further details regarding his ordeal, his family confirmed that no criminal charge was leveled against him. It has also been confirmed that he was not in good health conditions and had to undergo check-up at a medical facility. "
On 2 July, Sisay, manager of the community radio station Taranga, was at his compound close to the radio station, when he was informed by a friend that two men in plain clothes were looking for him at the station near his house. When Ceesay went to talk to them, his friend also tried to follow the exchange but was told by two men to go away.
"The prolonged detention of Mr Sisay is an infringement on his constitutional right not to be detained beyond 72 hours. His apparent mistreatment is deeply regrettable," Jammeh added.
He said the GPU is committed to the protection and promotion of press freedom and freedom of expression.

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